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The Traditional Reading of the Unaddressed Problems & Confessions

From July, August, November, and December of 2018

Episode Notes

This very special episode is "The Traditional Reading of the Unaddressed Problems & Confessions"!

Here’s how we got here:

As audience members stream into the theater for this show, they’re given a piece of paper where they can write down their name to be a judge, a problem that we may address in the show, and a confession that must remain anonymous.

At the end of the night, I read these problems and confessions, and THAT’S what you’re about to hear. It’ll be the combined audio from July, August, November, and December of 2018.

Now, you should know, there may be profanity and direct references to adult themes, which is why you're here in the first place, but y’know, disclaimers.

This episode was brought to you by Frank Tavares! He’s an author and voice over artist who is best known for being The Voice of NPR for 30 years. He’s also a good friend, and supporter on my work on Patreon. Thanks, Frank!

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