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4 months ago

Should I Let My Kids Get A Pit Bull?

What's more powerful: The breed or the perception of the breed?

Should I Let My Kids Get A Pit Bull?

My children are 4 and 7 years old, and since they met a pit bull - the sweetest pit bull - at a birthday party recently, they’ve been talking getting their own one nonstop. My husband, too, has always wanted a pit. We found one at a no-kill shelter, and when we went to meet her - her name is Violet - we were totally smitten.

But, you know the problem. Pit bulls have a reputation for having violent tendencies. I know, I know, people say it’s all in how you train your dog. But the Center for Disease Control lists them - among others - as notoriously high on the list of fatal attacks, and all branches of the US military prohibit this “aggressive breed” on military housing units. Even some homeowners insurance policies will raise their rates if a pit bull lives in the house.

If we get this dog, we plan on training it diligently. A trained dog is a happy dog! And i’m comforted by seeing photos of little babies being lovingly licked by their protective and sweet pitbull siblings. #notallpitbulls, right? But if something triggered our sweet pitbull, and one of my babies got hurt, I’m not sure iI could forgive myself.

So - am I misinformed, and the breed has nothing to do with temperament? Or should I give in and give this pit a good home?

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